Mastering the Restaurant Business Process

Are you getting ready to open a restaurant and would like to make sure you have covered all your bases?

Got your location under contract, your recipes tested, food vendors lined up, your staff selected? What about all your paperwork – corporate charter or partnership agreement, business license, sign permits, parking arrangements, sales tax certificate, employer ID, beer license, liquor by the drink license?

Here’s the real question. What about your Business Process? What’s your plan for tracking your employee’s hours & wages, your sales data, your taxes, your customers, your cash and credit card deposits? Are your plans on menu pricing, employee scheduling, wages, tip disbursement, credit card handling all within federal and contractual guidelines?

Gonna use paper tickets to get your orders to the kitchen? How are you gonna handle Take Out orders, Delivery? Are you gonna operate a cashier environment or are your servers going to Self Bank and cash out at the end of their shift?

How ‘bout a tablet for ringing up customer’s orders and cashing them out? Or a Cloud-Based Point Of Sale system so you don’t have to have a PC in an office? What’s the best Credit Card Processor to go with and do you need Chip & Pin compatible credit card readers?

If you could use a little help in mastering the Business Process & Technology Skills needed to successfully manage your Restaurant or Foodservice Operation, then you need to invest an hour or two in meeting with the professionals who our area’s top restaurateurs rely on to help them manage theirs.

As a part of POSC Business System’s new “Enhancing Competency in the Hospitality Industry Initiative”, starting in the fall of 2015, our free seminars “Mastering the Restaurant Business Process Series” will be held in Nashville and Knoxville. For locations, dates and times and more information, email us at: or give us a call at 865-429-4994.


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